Mother of the Bride Make Up

A wedding in the family is such a big & special occasion for the whole family. I love being a part of the buzz and excitement of a wedding morning and each and every wedding brings something different. It is always such an honour to be a part of such special occasions.

I always aim to ensure there is a lovely calm, relaxed atmosphere in the make up area where everyone feels comfortable and confident getting their make up done. This is especially important for the Mammy’s who can sometimes feel the most anxious that everything will go as planned on the day.

I find from experience the Mother of the Bride/ Groom can be a little worried about how their make up will look on the day. Generally I hear about the fear of being to over done, caked in make up and not looking like themselves. For me make up is not about layering or changing the person but more about enhancing and making the lady in my chair feel more confident & beautiful and most importantly that they still look and feel like themselves.


Karen maher bridal make up

I always reassure the Mammy’s that I can go as natural or dramatic as they like, and most importantly that they feel comfortable with their make up. Sometimes this may mean little or no eye make up, a very light foundation, a nice pop of colour on the lips or none at all. A healthy pop of colour on the cheeks or full on glam make up. It all depends on each individual and on the wedding day I can customise a specific look for Mammy that she is comfortable and happy with. Sometimes the mother of the bride might choose to wear her own much loved foundation, a particular eye shadow that she likes etc this is no problem.

Pictured Below is my own lovely Mammy on the day of my sisters wedding looking as Glam as ever. I was double jobbing that day as both chief bridesmaid & Make up artist!

It is such a big special day for all the family so I hope this post can reassure your own Mam that she will look and feel fabulous on the big day to, weather she opts for a lovely natural make up look or goes for that little bit more I can tailor a look to suit her perfectly.


All photos featured in this blog posts are past mother of the brides with Make up by Karen Maher.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, Until next time.





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