My Wedding Day Make Up


When it came to my own wedding day make up, it really was a hard decision to make. Part of me wanted to be able to sit back, relax with a glass of bubbly and be pampered like 100’s of the brides I have looked after on their wedding days, but after A lot of thought, a trial run, and as it got closer to the time, I decided that the best choice for me as a bride was to do my own make up. Once the decision was made I never looked back and I am so thrilled now that I did my own, as I really enjoyed the process on the day and It really helped me to relax, keep focused & calm on the morning.

I really enjoyed the weeks leading up to our wedding day when I began the process of creating, planning and choosing my own wedding day make up look. Of course a trip to the Cosmetics hall in Brown Thomas was essential and lots of new make up purchases were made in preparation for the big day, it all added to the excitement of the wedding planning.

karen maher make up

I prepared my work area the night before and laid everything out as I would need it. Surprisingly I had a great nights sleep, and woke with butterflies of excitement on the wedding morning.

I had planned out the different stages of doing my make up and getting my hair done in between etc and it all worked out perfectly time wise on the day. I like to be organised and use my time efficiently & wisely on a wedding morning, this was no different on my own big day, I felt that my years of experience of wedding mornings played a huge part in how smoothly & calmly everything ran on the morning.

karen maher

As always good natural lighting is essential for a good make up application, so I set myself up comfortably in our lovely bright kitchen at home, with two big windows of light beaming in creating the perfect natural day light for my make up application, I was right in the middle of all the usual wedding morning activity going on around me.

karen maher

Our fantastic Photographer David McClelland was flying around capturing everything as the morning unfolded, I really love the shots he caught of me doing my make up, although I can’t remember him even being there, he was that discreet.

karen maher make up

Doing what I love to do best, in my childhood home, on my wedding day.


During my bridal trials I always talk to my brides about skincare and the importance of having a good hydrated, healthy skin base to apply make up to. I have a detailed skin care blog post with my tips & tricks for skincare in the lead up to a special occasion or in particular your wedding day. I followed these guidelines myself in the months leading up to my own big day and I really noticed and felt that my skin was healthy, hydrated and glowing skin on my wedding day.

For my skin prep and base I used my favourite hyaluronic serum from pestle & mortar which you may have heard me talk about before. I just love it and use it daily on my make up clients during skin prep. It really is a wonder product for hydrating skin and acts as a lovely skin primer to.


Half way through my make up, I took a little break when my bridesmaids presented me with a beautiful personalised gift box containing gifts, a sweet poem & letter from my hubby to be. One of his gifts to me was a very thoughtful & appropriate gift, a beautiful engraved pocket mirror for my wedding day bag for any lipstick touch ups throughout the day. He knows me well!


The eyes:

I used all mac eyeshadows & pigments on the day, a mix of various shades blended together to create a soft rose gold eye blended out with soft & dark browns to create a subtle smoky eye. I love that soft girly look of light pinks mixed with rose golds and find it works well on blue eyes & blondes. This is a look I go for regularly and it works well to open up and bring out the blue in my eyes. Off course as always I had to have my line of black gel liner across my lash line, with lots of mascara and I added a full layer of false individual lashes on top of my own lashes, which give a full lash look without being to false or heavy, they are so easy to wear and feel natural on the eye, I tend to always use individual lashes on my brides as they are much easier to wear compare to a strip lash.

The cheeks:

I went for a soft subtle rosy-pink cheek blended with a bronze shade for some contour to give a sun kissed glow to the cheeks, with some highlighter added on top for that perfect glow throughout the day.


The skin:

I went for a full coverage, natural looking foundation base that lasted right throughout the day and night requiring very little maintenance or touch ups. I used a pressed translucent powder from Charlotte Tilbury to combat shine throughout the day which helped my foundation to last and stay in place. There really is very little time for touch ups as the day & night goes on, so a perfected, long lasting make up look at the start of the day is essential.

The lips:

I am a big lipstick fan and a lovely lipstick always makes me feel like I’m ready for any occasion. I will always choose something special or significant for a big occasion. My favourite go to for personal use has always been Chanel lipsticks. On our wedding day I used one of my all time favourite lipsticks a shade of raspberry that was my first ever chanel lipstick purchase, it had special significance to me as I purchased it in New York in the chanel store around the time of our engagement. It ended up being the perfect shade for me on our wedding day, Chanel rouge allure Velvet shade 47. It lasted so well and required minimal touch ups throughout the day. I love the luxurious packaging and it feels lovely when applied to the lips. I loved the pop of colour and how it blended in well with the wedding colour scheme.


The Essential back of the wedding car lipstick touch up with my new pocket mirror.


My finished wedding day make up look

Karen maher make up



 I loved how my make up looked on the day and thankfully it lasted perfectly through all the fun, excitement, bubbles, hugs, kisses, laughter, happy tears, and dancing!!


On the day my 2 beautiful bridesmaids Karen & Elaine along with the fabulous mother of the bride were very well looked after by my friend & talented make up artist Maureen Dorney, who was a fantastic addition to our house on the wedding morning.

This has been such a lovely blog post to put together. I hope you enjoyed reading.



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