Real Bride Story- Ciara

I have been so looking forward to sharing this pretty wedding with you all.

Beautiful Bride Ciara married her new husband Barry last October, it turned out to be a rainy day but as you can see from the photo s below this did not dampen the happy spirits of this lovely couple.

Karen maher make up

(Photo credit: Ross Costigan)

From the moment I first met Ciara for her bridal make up trial a couple of months before the wedding I knew we would get on brilliant. Her bubbly personality and gentle manner shined through. Ciara knew exactly what she wanted for her big day but was also interested in my opinion and ideas I what I thought would work best. After hearing about the style and general theme of the wedding I was able to create a bridal make up look that Ciara would love and also which would set of her wedding day look perfectly.

karen maher make up

(As always I have my concentration face on mid make up)

We went for a very soft, pretty romantic bridal make up look for the wedding day. This worked really well with Ciara’s amazing swing dress with was so pretty and girly. For the eyes I went with a mix of colours soft Ivory’s with a hint of a light nude followed with deep browns to really bring out her eyes. We finished the eyes of with some false individual lashes which add the wow factor without looking to false.

Wedding_CiaraBarry_RossCostiganHiRES82 copy

(The first look in the mirror after the make up is done is always one of my favourite moments to see captured, it sees the bride seeing herself for the first time transforming into a bride, it generally is followed by a flutter of excitement as the next step is putting on “the dress”) photo credit: Ross Costigan

I used a pretty soft pink blusher on Ciara’s cheeks followed by a soft pink on the lips also which looked so pretty with her lovely blonde hair. I love this make up look for blondes!


karen maher make up

Hair stylist on the morning was Catriona Mcloughlin, I love the hair style chosen a beautiful high ponytail inspired by a photo the bride had seen, It looked stunning with the overall look.


(Photo credit: Ross Costigan)

Now to the wedding dress & shoes! When I first arrived at the house that morning, I went up to have a look at the dress, Ciara had everything so beautifully laid out ready to be worn. I adored the style and design on the calf length swing dress. It was really beautiful.

Karen Maher make up

(I love this fun photo just as Ciara had completed putting on her dress and her mam was seeing it all together.)

Now to the shoes. I fell head over heels for these shoes on the morning, so perfect and worth the investment with a shorter style dress. Ciara wore these iconic red soled Christian Louboutin gold beauties.

I could not take my eyes of them!

christian louboutin shoes

I think most of us ladies have a bit of a weakness for shoes especially the designer red soled kind!


Just perfect!

After all that shoe excitement its bridesmaid time! Ciara had two bridesmaids and they were absolutely fab in stunning knee length dresses in a shade of deep lilac, they complimented the brides dress perfectly with similar flower overlay on the top section of the dresses. Look at those pretty bouquets!

karen maher make up

Such a pretty photo, photo credit: Ross Costigan

Throughout the wedding morning I was made feel so welcome and part of the family, I am so blessed to be in a job where I get to meet such lovely people on a daily basis! Special mention has to go to the fabulous mother of the bride who ensured I was topped up with tea throughout the morning, She also looked stunning on the day!


A very proud Mammy, Photo credit: Ross Costigan

As you can see from my photo credits throughout this post Mr. Ninja Photographer Ross Costigan was on hand for the day to ensure all these special and precious moments were captured forever.




Such a happy couple I wish you all the best for the future.

Ciara Kindly sent me this testimonial after the wedding:

karen maher make up


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